Course Calendar

Week 1

Date Topic Presenter
Aug 24 Introduction Chinmay Kulkarni

Week 2

Date Topic Presenter
Aug 29 Journey Maps and Matching needs and capabilities to AI capabilities Chinmay Kulkarni
Aug 31 Prioritizing user needs, Thinking in prompts Chinmay Kulkarni
Sep 3 Quiz 1 is due Individual students

Week 3

Date Topic Presenter
Sep 5 How Foundational Models Change Human-AI Interaction Part 1 Chinmay Kulkarni
Sep 7 Thinking in Prompts continued Chinmay Kulkarni

Week 4

Date Topic Presenter
Sep 12 Teardown of real products, gathering data Chinmay Kulkarni
Sep 13 Assignment 1 is due next week, Sept 20 Group submission
Sep 14 Designing for feedback Chinmay Kulkarni
Sep 17 Quiz 2 is due Individual students

Week 5: Collaboration

Date Topic Presenter
Sep 19 Collaborating with AI Chinmay Kulkarni
Sep 20 Assignment 1 is due Group assignment
Sep 21 Guest Lecture: Human ML Collaboration Azra Ismail
Sep 24 Extra credit 1 is due (mandatory for grad course) Individual students

Week 6: Collaboration continued

Date Topic Presenter
Sep 26 Mixed inititative interfaces Chinmay Kulkarni
Sep 28 Principles of collaborating and teaming (please see Canvas for slides) Chinmay Kulkarni

Week 7: Specific applications - imagery

Date Topic Presenter
Oct 3 Sonal Gupta Guest Lecture Sonal Gupta + Chinmay Kulkarni
Oct 5 Creating images, seeing images Chinmay Kulkarni

Week 8: Specific applications - Voice

Date Topic Presenter
Oct 10 Fall break (No class) None
Oct 12 Interacting in voice Chinmay Kulkarni

Week 9: Specific applications - Visualization and data

Date Topic Presenter
Oct 17 Visualizing ML Data Guest lecture (Emily Wall)
Oct 20 Does data still matter? How? Chinmay Kulkarni

Week 10: Fairness and power

Date Topic Presenter
Oct 24 Synthetic data overflow and Good AI, bad AI - but for whom? Chinmay Kulkarni
Oct 26 Power and AI, continued Chinmay Kulkarni

Week 11: Safety

Week 12: Trust and the role of the Designer

Date Topic Presenter
Nov 7 Interpretabilty, explainability, and the role of the designer Chinmay Kulkarni
Nov 9 Responsible Data Dr Ding Wang

Week 13: Jobs, and AI

Date Topic Presenter
Nov 14 Does AI create or take away jobs? Chinmay Kulkarni
Nov 16 Vega Quartet Vega Quartet: Tharp rehearsal space in the Schwartz center. If you enter Schwartz through the doors across the lawn from the business school, it is your first left, room 202

Week 14: Computers as social actors

Date Topic Presenter
Nov 21 Can you thank an AI? Computers as social actors Chinmay Kulkarni
Nov 23 Thanksgiving - no class Chinmay Kulkarni

Week 15: Wrap up + Final projects -1

Date Topic Presenter
Nov 28 Wrap up Chinmay Kulkarni
Nov 30 Final presentations - graduating seniors Seniors

Week 16: Final projects 2

Date Topic Presenter
Dec 5 Final Presentations Non-seniors