Human AI Interaction: CS 485/584

Meeting Days & Times
TTh 4-5:15p
Course Location
Math & Science Center - W303

The goal of this course is to introduce students to ways of thinking about how Artificial Intelligence will and has impacted humans, and how we can design interactive intelligent systems that are usable and beneficial to humans, and that respect human values. As students in this course, you will build several different interactive technologies powered by AI. Among other topics, we will learn how Large-Language Models (such as those behind ChatGPT), and other generative models (such as Stable Diffusion, which creates new images based on their description), can serve as a foundation for new interactive AI applications.

Through building these applications, you will gain practical experience with how different decisions impact their usability for humans and understand the various ways in which human involvement is critical in systems driven by machine learning. Above all, you will learn to think both optimistically and critically of what AI systems can do and how they can and should be integrated into society.

Teaching team

Submitting course work

You will find course materials on this website. Programming assignments are submitted through Github Classroom. Other assignments and quizzes are submitted on Canvas.