Shaping and being shaped by AI

Shaping and being Shaped by AI


Instructor: Chinmay Kulkarni
Human Computer Interaction Institute

Taught at Carnegie Mellon’s main campus

A smaller, more focused course taught remotely at CMU Qatar

Why this class?

Many courses teach you how to solve a problem with AI (e.g. speech recognition, language “understanding”, or robotic manipulation.) This class is different. It focuses on what problems should AI solve, and what are the characteristics of a “good” solution. By taking a long-term perspective, it forces us to consider not only what implications a solution might have right away, but what it might do decades from now. 

We will cover a number of topics across these themes: AI fairness, AI design for privacy, AI and power (and relatedly bias, fairness, and justice), the nature of infrastructure, co-adaptation, and more.

These topics will be explored with real-life  examples in computer vision, automatic speech recognition, data science, recommender systems, social networks, online dating, UI personalization, and others.